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Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner - IHP24

Compatible with hydraulic systems

Compatible with pneumatic systems

Compatible with all types of actuators

Local user interface/ configuration and status

Automatic calibration

Directional solenoid valve control

Proportional solenoid valve control



Ex approved



Intelligent controller for Hydraulic actuators

The IHP24 product range from Val Controls is a series of Intelligent Hydraulic Positioners used for precise positioning of actuators and choke valves. Our positioners are equipped with an advanced calibration process that, when combined with the intelligent regulator, ensures fast and reliable positioning of actuators, providing optimal performance and precision for your system. 

Based on decades of experience with valve positioning, we have designed the IHP24 range to be highly flexible and configurable to meet any customer's needs. Furthermore, it is designed to be very user-friendly for both manufacturers and end-users in daily use. 

The range is available with models for both offshore and onshore applications and features an ultra-low power design. It comes with Ex and other relevant certificates from third parties and is designed for use in harsh environments. It is EMC and vibration tested and resistant to high humidity, high and low temperatures, and dusty environments.  

The IHP24 range is compatible with all types of valve systems, including pneumatic and hydraulic applications, spring return, stepping, and double-acting actuators, making it a versatile solution that easily adapts to your system’s needs. 

Product line brochure - IHP24

Key product features

The Hydraulic Positioner provided by Val Controls can be used to position any type of actuator available on the market. This solution offers a straightforward yet efficient method to achieve accurate valve positioning within a hydraulic control system.

Communication protocols

HART v.7

Foundation Fieldbus H1