End-user cases

Flameproof Hydraulic Positioner on a choke valve

End user: Petrobras

Location: Brazil

Industry: Oil & Gas

The Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner (IHP24) from Val Controls can be used as a positioner for all kinds of hydraulic actuators. For this specific project we supplied 89 hydraulic positioners in 2014 which all are still running and working as required.

This specific type of choke valve required linear stepping actuators, which are controlled by the hydraulic positioners supplied by Val Controls. The stepping function ensures that the valves are not closing too fast, where pulses will be sent to the actuator making the movement happen in a specific number of steps.

The Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner (IHP24) can be used with any brand of stepping actuators and the number of steps can be configured with software provided by Val Controls.


Val Controls unit used for this project

Reference 1: IHP24 positioner mounted on a choke valve


General application for the Hydraulic Positioner

Proportional Hydraulic Positioner

Solenoid Operated Valve (SOV) Testing