About us

Val Controls A/S is a production and development company which develops and manufactures control, monitoring and test equipment for valves and actuators. Since the establishment of Val Controls A/S in 1994, we have continuously developed and released new tailor-made products for controlling and monitoring valves and actuators.

Serving a wide range of customers

Based on decades of experience and expertise we aim to create optimal solutions for our costumers based on long-term and close customer relations. Our main customer base includes:

  • Actuator manufacturers
  • Valve manufacturers
  • Valve automation centers
  • Hydraulic automation centers
  • Industrial hydraulic professionals

Our key tasks

As one of our core values we always aim to keep abreast of the changing needs of the market by providing our customers with innovative and high quality products. Our key tasks are:

  • To assist the valve and actuator manufacturers in finding the most optimal control, monitoring or test solution for their product.
  • Liaise with EPC’s, Upstream and downstream operators in defining their specific control and monitoring solutions.
  • To fill in the niches within special solutions for control, monitoring and test equipment for valve and actuator systems worldwide.


Company history

Val Controls is established as a subsidiary company of Valtor Offshore A/S. The vision of Val Controls is offering a process- and resource saving solution for Valtor's costumer base in the offshore industry.


First prototype is developed

The prototype for the Linear Valve Regulator is developed. Shortly after the development of the prototype, the first units are sold to various onshore industrial plants. Most of these units are still in use and running today.


The first EEx positioner is released

The pneumatic EEx positioner is commissioned for the Harald Oil and Gas field located in the Danish part of the North Sea. During the development of the EEx positioner, Val Controls is ISO-9001 certified meeting the Quality and safety requirements for the offshore industry.


The first hydraulic ex positioner is delivered

At the turn of the century Val Controls expands its product range with the hydraulic positioner, meeting the demands for a more space efficient positioner. The first hydraulic positioners are delivered to Danfeltet located in the Danish part of the North Sea.


Our first Subsea solution is approved

During the early 00's Val Controls continues its research and development, resulting in the launch of the subsea positioner in 2006. The subsea positioner is built according to the CANopen protocol, giving it an operating depth of up to 2.500 meters. Projects where the subsea positioner has been used includes Ormen Lange (Norway), Gorgon (Australia) & Gryphon and Dumbarton (Great Britain).


3rd generation of controllers launched

With more than 10.000 units sold worldwide across numerous industries, the 3rd generation controllers have cemented Val Controls as one of the leading valve automation companies.


Approved Saudi Aramco supplier

Since the delivery of the first PST (Partial stroke test) units to Saudi Aramco in 2012, Val Controls has delivered more than 1.200 positioners and controllers to Saudi Aramco. As well as being an approved supplier for Saudi Aramco, Val Controls is also approved by all other major oil and gas companies in the Middle east including ADNOC, Qatar Gas & PDO.


Units installed on all inhabited continents

The delivery of Val Controls units to a project in Chile means that Val Controls units have been installed on all six inhabited continents.


New headquarters inaugurated

The newly built Val Controls headquarters offers modern and state of the art research and development facilities. At 1.200 square meters the headquarters houses our office and production plant in the same building. Our production facilities comply with the latest standards in waste- and energy management ensuring minimal environmental impact.


Continuous product innovation

Throughout the years, we have always sought to continuously improve our product offerings. Here is a sample of custom-made diagnostic controllers used for partial stroke testing and valve monitoring. These specific units are built for Saudi Aramco, for whom we are an approved supplier.


30 year anniversary

We are committed to keep improving our product offerings with a client-centric approach.

Thank you for 30 years of innovation - we look forward to many more years!

Company Values


With a customer-centric approach, we strive to create valve controllers and positioners that enable our customers to operate their critical valve systems in the safest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly way possible.


At Val Controls, we wish to ensure both the internal and external environment, and we therefore focus on the environmental conditions associated with our activities.

The external environment is affected by the waste we produce from our production and from other activities, and therefore we manage the sorting of the waste so that the subsequent handling and disposal takes place in the most optimal way for the environment.

Wastewater from our processes is reduced and we now have only sanitary wastewater. Similarly, we are continuously working to optimize the consumption of electricity and heat, so that we make the best use of energy.

The internal environmental conditions are monitored through Workplace Evaluations, which the safety organization continuously prepares. Thus, in the safety work, we focus on physical, ergonomic, psychological, chemical, biological and accident hazards, and through action plans we ensure the proper development of internal environmental conditions.

We do every effort to prevent accidents and injuries, and detect, evaluate and learn from the accidents or accidents that almost occur. We wish our employees to experience Val Controls as a good, healthy and safe workplace.

Quality policy

We wish to be known as a credible and competent partner for our customers and suppliers. We want to be considered an innovative company having the human and the financial strength to be a responsible partner offering a good service.

Our quality policy is to ensure that:

• We meet demands and expectations from our customers.

• Our core and support processes are working well and efficiently.

• Our suppliers meet our demands and expectations.

• We continuously improve our results and quality control system based on measurements and evaluations.

• We comply with all laws and regulations in Denmark and the countries where we operate.