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Intelligent controller for pipeline monitoring

The ILB24 product range from Val Controls is a series of Intelligent Line Breakers used for pipeline monitoring and control. The ILB24 provides a straightforward solution to monitor and shut down the pipeline in case of an emergency. The Line Breaker constantly monitors the pipeline pressure and will shut down the flow if abnormal pressure is detected. 

The controller offers both minor and major alarms for high and low pressure, rate of drop, rate of rise, and differential pressure. Advanced diagnostic capabilities include 24/7 monitoring and surveillance of the pipeline, event logging, and alarms. Additionally, the product range offers a local control panel option and partial stroke testing. 

The range is available with models for both offshore and onshore applications and features an ultra-low power design. It comes with Ex and other relevant certificates from third parties. The controllers are designed to operate in harsh environments and are resistant to high humidity, high and low temperatures, and dusty conditions. 

The ILB24 range is compatible with all types of valve systems, including pneumatic and hydraulic applications, spring return and double-acting actuators, making it a versatile solution that easily adapts to your system’s needs. 

Product line brochure - ILB24

Pipeline monitoring capabilities

The ILB24 monitors the pressure in pipeline 24/7. The results can be read directly on the unit or from remote by using VCDC.

Major and minor alarms
When configuring the ILB24 a minor and a major pressure threshold are set. If the minor pressure threshold is reached an alarm is displayed on the ILB24 and a message can be sent to the control room. A minor alarm will not trigger any automatic action and it is up to the operator for any onwards actions.
If a major pressure limit is reached the ILB24 can be configured to do an automatic shutdown of the pipeline. It is also possible to only display a major alarm message and not do any automatic actions.

Communication protocol

Modbus RTU - RS-485

Sensors needed

Each pipeline monitoring feature requires specific sensors to be placed at various points in the valve system.

The list below shows the sensors needed at the upstream pipeline, downstream pipeline, and valve position.

Sensor needed

Downstream pressure

Upstream pressure

Valve position

Low- and High-pressure


Rate of Drop - RoD


Rate of Rise - RoR


Differential pressure



Movement alarm


Partial stroke test


Control methods

ILB24 - Schematic example

Below an example of a system with a double acting actuator and two solenoid valves is provided. Please note that the ILB24 is compatible with most systems.

• SDV valves
• SR and DA actuators
• Hydraulic or pneumatic systems
• All solenoid valve brands

Line Breaker Control

Valve Control