SKU: ILB24-A-210043

Product details

The DIN rail mounted Intelligent Line Break Controller is used to monitor and shutdown pipelines in case of an emergency. The Controller constantly monitors the pressure of the pipeline and will shutdown the flow of the pipeline if abnormal pressure is detected. 

This controller is intended for already installed systems or customers who have their own housing and installation. It is compatible with almost any hydraulic and pneumatic actuator on the market.

The controllers offer advanced diagnostic capabilities including 24/7 monitoring and surveillance of the pipeline, event logging and alarms in case of pressure drop.

Approvals and standards

EMC according to IEC 61000
Vibration and transportation according to IEC 68000
Radio disturbance according to EN 55022


Temperature range: -30°-+80°
Ingress protection: IP20
Enclosure material: Plastic




24VDC – unit power consumption <2W

User interface

The local display control is available for the ILB24 model, granting full access to configure the controller and control the valve system. Furthermore, the ILB24 is equipped with various indicator LEDs that show the status of the system.