Unique controllers

The product range offers the best in performance and user-friendliness, combining these in a very compact enclosure.


• PST - Partial Stroke Test
Online Valve Monitoring
EST - Automatic full stroke test during ESD
SOT - Solenoid Valve Testing
SIL 1-4 approved with 3rd party certificate


• Smart positioner for hydraulic actuators
Choke Valve Positioning
Automatic intelligent calibration
Intelligent valve positioning
User-friendly menu. Flexible and configurable


• Pipeline Monitoring
Full logging capabilities: Online, event and alarm
Minor and major alarms for high and low pressure
ROD alarm with alarm delay
Automatic Control

Why use Val Controls controllers


• Enclosures fit for harsh environments
• Multiple Ex certifications available
• On site and remote support and service provided
Field proven product – used by major end-users worldwide


ValConnect is a free software provided by Val Controls which can be used to configure all types of controllers sold by Val Controls. ValConnect is typically used when the controllers are initially set-up.

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