The product range offers the best in performance and user-friendliness, combining these in a very compact enclosure.


Diagnostic Controller

• PST - Partial Stroke Test
SOT - Solenoid Valve Test
• FST Full Stroke Test
EST - Automatic full stroke test during ESD
SIL 1-4 approved with 3rd party certificate

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Hydraulic Positioner

• Smart positioner for hydraulic actuators
Choke valve positioning
Automatic intelligent calibration
• Solenoid valve based positioning

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Line Breaker

• Pipeline Monitoring
Minor and major alarms for high and low pipeline pressure
RoD alarm with alarm delay
Full logging capabilities: Online, event and alarm
Automatic control

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Why use Val Controls?


Reliability is a key word in everything we do at Val Controls. We are aware that customers' facilities rely heavily on safe and uninterrupted operations. With decades of experience in developing valve controllers and positioners for critical valve systems, Val Controls is your dependable partner for all valve control and positioning needs.

Our configuration software


ValConnect is a free software provided by Val Controls which can be used to configure all types of controllers sold by Val Controls. ValConnect is typically used when the controllers are initially set-up.

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