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Hydraulic Positioner

The Hydraulic Positioner provided by Val Controls can be used to position any type of actuator on the market. The solution offers a very simple but efficient way to achieve positioning of a valve with a hydraulic control system.

Val Controls Hydraulic Positioner comes in a wide range of enclosures and can therefore be used at any environment.


Online Testing

The Online Testing solution provided by Val Controls enables the end-user to diagnose the valve while it is in use. Furthermore, the solution provides the possibility of comparing the current performance data with the optimal reference data.

The Online Testing solution consists of Partial stroke test (PST), full stroke test (FST) and solenoid operated valve test (SOV test).


Online Monitoring

Val Controls online monitoring solution offers valve trend analysis, pressure monitoring and valve closing analysis. This data can be compared to previous events helping you to do a root cause analysis of why an unplanned shutdown occurred.

• Data driven decisions

• Digitalization

• Predictive Maintenance

• ESD valve monitoring

Furthermore, this solution will help you do data driven decisions; replacing the right valves at the right time, avoid taking wrong valves out of line and finding problems between maintenance events.


Electronic Line Break System

The Electronic Line Break System from Val Controls monitors abnormal pressure levels in the pipeline and will initiate a shutdown of the pipeline in case of an accident.

This solution provides full logging capabilities: Online, event and alarm logging. Furthermore, minor, and major alarms can be set in case of too high or low pressure in the pipeline.

• Pipeline Monitoring

• Full logging capabilities: Online, event and alarm

• Minor and major alarms

• ROD/RID alarm with alarm delay

Val Controls Electronic Line Breaker comes in a wide range of enclosures and can therefore be used at any environment.