General application for the Hydraulic Positioner

End-user cases

End user: TotalEnergies

Project: Valdemar

Location: Denmark

Our IHP24 hydraulic positioner is a popular and reliable solution used by many control valve manufacturers around the world. Installed on a wellhead tower in the Danish part of the North Sea, our IHP24 controls the position of this Hydraulic actuated Control Valve.

We design and manufacture intelligent electronic all capsuled and protected in a strong Ex d enclosure to withstand harsh environment.





Val Controls unit used for this project

Reference 1.1: Valdemar wellhead tower

Reference 1.2: Hydraulic actuated Control Valve with an IHP24-BF for positioning


Ex Hydraulic Positioner on a choke valve

Proportional Hydraulic Positioner

Solenoid Operated Valve (SOV) Testing