What is a Hydralic Positioner?

A hydraulic positioner is a device that takes an electronic signal and converts it into a defined valve or cylinder rod travel.

The IHP24 Hydraulic Positioner from Val Controls can control solenoid operated on/off valves to move an actuator to a requested set point.

This can be modulating open/close, in between function or stepping for choke valves.

The IHP24 is designed specifically for moving hydraulic operated objects. Once installed and configurated the IHP24 auto calibrate and determine the fully open or fully closed state of the obturator.

It comes with easy-to-use local interface and more advanced options are available such as Indications LED’s, USB connection and access to our Val Connect configuration software.




A large company is constructing a new oil rig and are looking for a solution which safely and intuitively enables them to control the flow of their oil pipline.

It is a requirement that the modulating valves can be controlled from the control room. Furthermore, the hydraulic positioner must be in a flameproof container (Ex d).

The pipeline is controlled by solenoid-based valves the controller must therefore be compatible with this.

A Val Controls intelligent hydraulic positioner (IHP24) was installed to control the flow of their oil pipeline. The unit controls the solenoid valves at the platform making it a perfect fit for the end-user.

Using the 4-20mA communication protocol the IHP24 solution offered a high performing and reliable solution resulting in a seamless control of the pipeline without any issues after more than 1 year of usage.


User friendly interface and calibration

The IHP24 offers market leading performance and user friendly interface, combining it in a very compact enclosure.

High performance control

Using the 4-20mA communication protocol the IHP24 offers high performance control, ensuring a fast call to action time.

Reliable and field proven product

The IHP24 range is based on decades of research and development, making it a reliable and field proven product.

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