Advanced auto calibration

How to advaced auto calibration feature works

The Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner (IHP24) range from Val Controls is a positioner that intelligently controls the actuated valve. Unlike most other positioners, the IHP24 can automatically calibrate itself during installation. This means that when the entire valve system is connected to the IHP24, the positioner will open/close the valve, collect data, and calibrate itself based on the open/close time and the entire valve signature.

The auto-calibration feature is available for all types of modulating valve systems, regardless of the size of the valve or actuator type.

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Main benefits of advanced auto calibration

Data sheets for the valve components are not required

It will save time during setup

Extend the lifespan of the solenoid valves

The auto calibration will ensure that the solenoid valves are used as little as possible

Less valve movement reduces the impact on the environment

Will ensure that the positioner does not "hunt" for the position

Positioner deadband

The deadband can be manual altered from the user menu of the IHP24. During auto calibration the standard adjustment is 1% but this value can be changed from 0.1 to 10% depending on the specific valve system.

If the deadband is set to e.g. 1% the positioner will regulate with a set point accuracy of +/- 1% and stay there until the position feedback is bigger than 1%.

The provided example has a deadband of 1%. Which means that the position wont go above 51% or below 49%.