Hydraulic Power Unit Controller

HPU Controller

What is a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Controller?

The HPU feature can control a hydraulic pump to keep the pressure in the system within a specified range by monitoring the pressure in the system.

By monitoring the hydraulic system, the HPU controller will shut down the pump if the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high or if the level of the hydraulic oil in the tank is too low.

The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) control is a built-in software feature for Val Controls Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner (IHP24) and the Intelligent Diagnostics Controller (IDC24). The Controller can be used as a dedicated HPU controller or be combined with Partial Stroke Testing or positioning features.

The controller comes in enclosures fit for all types of environments and industries.


Benefits of Val Controls Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Controller

Low- or high-pressure warnings

Low or high oil limit warnings

Can be used for all types of pumps

Protection of the pump

Live information of pump status

HPU controller can also be used for PST or positioning

Temperature monitoring of the pump

High limit alarm

Image: Concept of Intelligent HPU Control

Hydraulic Power Unit Controller - Concept of Intelligent HPU control

How it works

Hydraulic Power Unit Controller schematic


The HPU Controller comes as standard with the following control and communication options:

- 4-20mA with HART

- Modbus

Control Modes

The HPU Controller is always on auto-mode when in use.

During set-up and troubleshooting it is possible to use the following control modes:

- Always on/off

- Manual

- Local control panel

Pressure, Temperature & Level Input

The HPU Controller accepts the following signal types:

- 4-20mA - 2-wire sensor

- Switch input

Power Output

- The HPU is powered through a 24VDC power supply.

- Safety timer avaiable