Replacement of Smart Valve Monitoring (SVM) Unit

End-user cases

End user: Saudi Aramco

Location: Saudi Arabia

Industry: Oil & Gas

For this project the End-user had 25 Smart Valve Monitoring (SVM) units that needed replacement because of aging. Therefore, they needed a solution which could replace their units without the need for any design change of the the valve system, cabling or in the DCS/AMS.

Their original SVM setup could perform Partial Stroke Testing (PST) and it was therefore a requirement that the new solution could perform PST as a minimum.

They chose Val Controls Intelligent Diagnostics Controller (IDC24) to replace their SVM's. The IDC24 units met their requirements regarding the need not to replace the existing valve system and being able to perform PST. Furthermore, the IDC24 units provided them valuable insigts into the valve systems health and performance - which was not avialable with the SVM units.


Val Controls unit used for this project

Reference 1: Installation of IDC24 unit


Riser Valve with Partial Stroke Testing

Val Controls support during IFAT

Solenoid Operated Valve (SOV) Testing