The IDC24 from Val Controls is an Intelligent Diagnostic Controller. To be used for valve testing and operation. It has an integrated microprocessor with very flexible software, so the controller fits almost any hydraulic and pneumatic, rotary and linear, double acting and spring return actuator on the market.

Based on many years of experience with valve testing, we have built this function in the product as standard. Now you have the opportunity to have a diagnostic of the valve, while it is in use. By performing a PST on a valve in operation and compare the performance data with the data from the reference stroke the current state of the valve system can be determined and the maintenance can be adjusted.

  • Partial Stroke Testing, PST
  • Full Stroke Testing, FST
  • Solenoid Operated valve Testing, SOT
  • Optional automatic full stroke test during ESD, EST
  • All tests with valve signature of position, pressure can be added as option


Product overview, technical, etc.


Manuals, certificates etc.


Val Controls Diagnostic Centre is used for evaluating partial stroke, full stroke and solenoid test.

By using Val Controls Diagnostic Centre it is possible to:

- Showing valve signatures
- Comparing valve signatures
- Live control and monitoring of the valve system
- Test report generator


ValConnect is used for configurating all Val Controls controllers. ValConnnect is a PC based program using a USB programming cable to configure the controllers.

By using ValConnect it is possible to:

- Configure multiple units with the same configuration
- Save configuration for documentation
- Update software on the unit
- Monitor and control all in and outputs