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HIPPS system with partial stroke testing

For this project we designed this custom-made solution for ADNOC. We are approved for different critical applications for ADNOC and together with our partners these HIPPS systems have been successfully delivered.

Each HIPPS consist of two hydraulically actuated Shutdown valves, each one being controlled by two (2) pressure pilots, all in a skid mounted package. The valves will be arranged in series within the pipeline. In case of high-pressure detection, the HIPPS closes the Shutdown valves to protect the downstream facility Shutdown Valves & Actuator Assembly features.

The HIPPS systems have a Partial stroke testing system from Val Controls. The Val Controls system involve digital valve positioners, provide date, time stamp of test with capability to store and compare test results. In addition, they allow remote testing and retrieval of data remotely.

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Partial Stroke Testing - HIPPS



Actuated Ball Valves with HIPPS and a IDC24-AF for partial stroke testing