Val Controls support National Grid UK's Transition to Hydrogen

Val Controls support National Grid UK's Transition to Hydrogen

Val Controls has been approved as a supplier for National Grid UK. Deliveries of our Hydraulic Positioners are already underway and being implemented at their facilities.

To meet the UK's net-zero targets, National Grid has initiated the process of decarbonizing their gas treatment plants and gradually transitioning some of their facilities to handle and process hydrogen. We are proud to announce that we have been selected as a supplier of valve positioners that will facilitate National Grid's transition from natural gas to hydrogen.

Customer requirements:

To enable their plants to handle and process hydrogen, National Grid required completely new valve control systems. They have chosen Val Controls as a supplier of Valve Positioners for their hydraulic actuators. Given the critical nature of the National Grid's infrastructure, Val Controls had to meet several requirements related to safety, reliability, and product functionality to gain approval. Some of these requirements were as follows:

    • Approvals and Standards: Products are required to have IIC Certification, which designates the most severe gas group within the zone system. Hazards within this gas group can be ignited very easily. Additionally, products must comply with the customer's cybersecurity requirements
    • Safety Features: Positioners should autonomously react to high and low-pressure setpoints, enhancing safety by promptly mitigating potential risks and preventing critical incidents.
    • Reliability: The positioners must have a proven track record of reliability in the field.
    • Low Energy Consumption: The positioner should exhibit low energy consumption and minimal environmental impact during operation.

Val Controls solution:

After a thorough evaluation of National Grid UK's requirements, we confidently proposed our IHP24-AF valve positioner, which proved to be an ideal fit for their needs. The IHP24-AF positioner holds the Exd IIC certification, a critical consideration that sets us apart from our competitors.

During the commissioning phase, we collaborated closely with National Grid's Engineering team to ensure that the final product met their safety and functionality criteria. Following the delivery of an initial test batch of positioners, National Grid's engineering team requested additional software features tailored to their needs. These features included additional pressure and flow monitoring of the pipeline and specific actions to be taken in the event of excessively high/low pressure or high/low flow. For instance, if the pressure reaches a high alarm setpoint, such as 60 bars, the actuator would automatically adjust to 20% open.

This solution received approval from National Grid, and we have established an agreement for Val Controls to supply this specific positioner to National Grid in the coming years as they transition their facilities.


    Val Controls takes pride in its role as a reliable partner in National Grid UK's transition to hydrogen. Our hydraulic positioners, particularly the IHP24-AF model, have played a pivotal role in providing precise, reliable, and environmentally friendly control solutions. By ensuring compliance with the Exd IIC certification and meeting all customer requirements, we have demonstrated our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

    As National Grid UK progresses with its shift from natural gas to hydrogen, we remain dedicated to supporting their evolving requirements and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.