SKU: IHP24-BFE-100000-V1
Communication: HART

Introducing our positioner in an Ex d enclosure - the ideal solution for achieving precise positioning of actuators or choke valves with solenoid valves. Our Stainless steel (CF3M) flame and explosion proof enclosure provides maximum safety for critical controls in hazardous areas, yet still with access to the user-friendly interface.

Our positioner is equipped with an advanced calibration process that, when combined with the regulator, ensures fast and reliable positioning of actuators, providing an optimal performance and precision for your system.

The positioner is compatible with all actuator types including; hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic - spring return, double acting and stepping actuators, making it a versatile solution that can easily adapt to your system's needs.

User interface

The local display control is available for the IHP24 model, granting full access to configure the controller and control the valve system. Furthermore, the IHP24 is equipped with various indicator LEDs that show the status of the system.