VCDC for the IDC24

Val Controls Diagnostics Center

What is VCDC?

Val Controls Diagnostics Center (VCDC) is a paid software provided by Val Controls. VCDC is primarily used for the Intelligent Diagnostics Controller (IDC24) and the Intelligent Line Breaker (ILB24).

In this article we will describe VCDC for the Intelligent Diagnostics Controller (IDC24). 

VCDC offers the following:

• Device Type Manager (FDT/DTM) certified

• Communication by HART, Modbus or offline

Main features

Live status of the valve system

Remote control and testing

Analyze and compare signatures

Generate reports for documentation

Live Status of the Valve system

Live status of valve system - VCDC

The Live page shows the current status of the IDC24. If the system has multiple Val Controls units, it is possible to add them all to the left-side menu and switch between them.

On the Live page it is possible to see a detailed event log, position, pressure and the status of ongoing tests.


Remote control and testing

VCDC gives you the ability to do remote control and testing with the IDC24 unit. On the live page of VCDC it is possible to intiate different tests and commands:

• Partial Stroke test

• Full Stroke test

• Solenoid Operated Valve (SOV) test

• ESDV test

• Valve open

Live state of valves - Start PST from remote

Analyze and compare signatures

Valve signuatures in VCDC

Once the valve system has been tested or en ESD event has happened the IDC24 will collect the data in VCDC. Furthermore, various variables are collected such as reaction- and breakaway time, actuator fill time and different pressure variables.

This data will give you valuable insight into the health of the valve system and enable you to do the following:

• Compare historical openening and closing times

• Identify uneven opening- and closing signatures

• Trend analysis

• Replacing the right parts at the right time

Generate reports for documentation

VCDC can generate reports for documenation of the performance of the actuator and valve. The IDC24 records all events and together with the valve information these can be compiled to reports. The reports are easy to customise with the needed data as well as logo and customised header and footer.

If you have multiple Val Controls units it is possible to generate a report for each unit all at once.

Reports of valve testing - VCDC