Riser valve with Partial Stroke Testing

End-user cases

End user: HESS

Project: Phase 3 WHB

Location: Malaysia

Partial Stroke devices are used for many different applications. One of these are to secure the integrity of Riser valves. Field test have shown that if a valve is periodically exercised using a partial stroke device there will be far less chance that it will be stuck the day it's really needed.

The hydraulic actuated Riser valve is equipped with our Val Controls IDC24-AFL solution. It will perform periodically partial stroke and solenoid tests either through fixed date and time or controlled by DCS.

All information can be downloaded and stored for future trend analysis. For installation installation the customer also requested on/off selector and push buttons.



Val Controls unit used for this project

Reference 1: Actuated Riser Valve with an IDC24-AFL for partial stroke


HIPPS system with Partial Stroke Testing

Val Controls support during IFAT

Solenoid Operated Valve (SOV) Testing