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Power unit Controller

  • IPC24
  • IPC Advanced
  • IPC24 B
  • IPC Basic
  • IPC 1
  • IPC 2

Product information

The power unit controller can control a hydraulic pump to keep the pressure in the system within a specified range by monitoring the pressure in the system.

The hydraulic system can also be monitored, so if the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high or the level of hydraulic oil in the tank is too low, the controller will shutdown the pump.

  • Control modes: Auto/On/Off/Manual
  • Pressure: High/low limit by 4-20mA signal or switches
  • Level: Low limit by 4-20mA signal or switches
  • Temperature: High/low limit by 4-20mA signal or switches
  • Motor overload/safety relay
  • Safety timer
  • Local control panel (auto/manual/off)

All configuration is done using ValConnect. Information regarding the system can be send to the control room using a communication protocol for failure detection.

The power unit controller can be used as a dedicated pump controller or be combined with our IHP or IVC range of controllers.

The IPC24 comes in a IPC24-B and IPC24-A, both versions with same software, but the A model have more in and outputs for more advanced systems.

Basic - IPC24-B

Communication: HART, Modbus and Profibus.
Digital input: 3
Digital output: 4
Analogue input: 3
Analogue output: 1

Advanced - IPC24-A

Communication: HART, Modbus, Profibus, FF and Bluetooth
Digital input: 17
Digital output: 6
Analogue input: 6
Analogue output: 3

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