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Terminal box/control station

Terminal box/control station
  • LCP3
  • GOST IDP24
  • IDP24 AFL costum 2
  • IDP24 AFL
  • LCP1
  • LCP2
  • LCP4

Product information

All our terminal boxes and control stations can be mounted directly on AF and BF models or as stand-alone solutions.

  • Material: SS316, SS304 or GRP
  • Certification: ATEX and IECEx
  • Large selection of push buttons, lamps and selectors
  • Systems fully wired, configured and tested
  • Optional vent/drain
  • Optional lamptest
  • Painted

All our terminal boxes and control stations are custom made for all projects to give the best function.

Local control panel functions

Remote/local selector: It is possible to connect a remote/local selector. When the selector is set on remote it is controlled by the main SCADA system. When the selector is set on local, it is possible by using the manual valve control buttons described below to move the actuator to the desired position.

Manual valve control: This feature gives the possibility to connect two buttons, open/close to be able to move the actuator manually when the remote/local selector is set to local.

End position indicator: This functions offers control of 2 outputs to show if the valve is open or closed. It is possible to connect two 24VDC lamps to give this information to the user.

Error: This function signals if an error has occurred in the system.

ESD: When this input is set low, all outputs will be de-energized.

Pump manual start: This feature gives the possibility to connect one buttons to be able to start the pump when the remote/local selector is set to local.

More functions available, see specific product for more information.

Who are Val Controls?

Val Controls A/S was established 1994. Our main business area is to develop and deliver control, monitoring and test equipment for valves and actuators. Our products are based on the newest microprocessor technology and we are creating energy, process and resource saving equipment with an optimal user-friendliness.

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