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Control Systems

Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
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Product information

Together with our controllers, Val Controls offers to design and produce complete control systems for both hydraulic and pneumatic systems, then you are able to get the complete system from one supplier. Some of the systems we design is for:

  • ESD systems
  • Self-contained electro-hydraulic system
  • Electro-hydraulic positioner system

We use mostly SS316 for all our systems and uses all the most known brand regarding solenoid valves, fittings etc.

System test

All systems are tested using our Valve System Test Centre. All tests are fully documented with test reports for all tests. Some of the tests we perform on all systems are:

  • Stroke test, performed on all systems for overall performance
  • Internal pressure test, leakage test of valves
  • External pressure test, leakage test of system
  • Step test, showing position accuracy when using positioner 


Who are Val Controls?

Val Controls A/S was established 1994. Our main business area is to develop and deliver control, monitoring and test equipment for valves and actuators. Our products are based on the newest microprocessor technology and we are creating energy, process and resource saving equipment with an optimal user-friendliness.

Val Controls A/S

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