MTControl Pen

Magnetic touch control for hazardous areas

What is MTControl?

The MTControl pen can be used to operate Val Controls units in Ex D enclosures. The magnetic pen will emulate a button push enabling the user to operate the unit without opening the enclosure. This gives the user full control and easy acces to configuration of the unit even in hazardous areas. MTControl is available for Val Controls Hydraulic Positioners, Diagnostics Controllers and Electronic Line break units.

The main advantage of the MTControl solution is that it eliminates the need to open the Ex D enclosure. This enables the user to perform tasks and diagnostics on the controller when the valve system is in use.

With the MTControl solution, you get:

• To eliminate the need for an external local control panel

• The same features as the regular control panel

• A simple and easy-to-use control option for the controller

• The possibility to lock to MTControl with a password

How it works

Placed beneath the physical push buttons (Left, up, down and right) magnetic sensors are placed. The sensors monitor the magnetic change whenever the MTControl pen is tapped above the sensor (see video as reference).

User manuals available at the knowledge base:

• MTControl for the IHP24

• MTControl for the IDC24

• MTControl for the ILB24