Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner - Advanced

Advanced positioner for industrial valve systems

The Advanced model is the most versatile positioner in the range. It is equipped with an extension interface which makes it possible to add extra hardware functionality on customer request. It offers inputs for serval 4-20mA sensors and digital signals which make it possible to configure the positioner to control or monitor other applications connected to the valve.

The DIN rail mounted positioner is an ideal solution for achieving precise positioning of actuators or choke valves with solenoid valves. Our positioner is equipped with an advanced calibration process that, when combined with the regulator, ensures fast and reliable positioning of actuators, providing an optimal performance and precision for your system.

The positioner is compatible with all actuator types including; hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic - spring return, double acting and stepping actuators.


Intelligent Hydraulic Positioner - Advanced (IHP24-A)


Schematic example

Schematic example of the advanved intelligent hydraulic positioner (IHP24-A)

Electrical connections

Control loop


Transmitter loop


Power supply


Digital output

6 x 24VDC

Position sensor

4-20mA - 2-wire
4-20mA - 4-wire
3-wire potentiometer



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