Intelligent Diagnostics Controller - Advanced

Controller for industrial valve systems

The DIN rail mounted controller offers an efficient and straightforward way to test and perform advanced diagnostics of critical valve systems.

The IDC24-A is intended for already installed systems or customers who have their own housing and installation. It is compatible with all types of valve systems including 1oo1, 1oo2, 2oo2 and 2oo3 systems.

This unit is very flexible and can be configured to almost any customers need and can be easily expanded, e.g. with a backup battery or other advanced features.

Intelligent Diagnostics Controller - Advanced - IDC24-A - DIN rail mounted valve controller


Schematic example

Schematic example of the IDC24-A

Electrical connections

Transmitter loop


Power supply


Digital output

6 x 24VDC

Digital input

4 x 24VDC

Position sensor

4-20mA - 2-wire
4-20mA - 4-wire

Communication options

IDC24-A compatible with HART communication
IDC24-A compatible with Modbus communication
IDC24-A compatible with Fieldbus communication

Local user interface

On the local user interface of the IDC24-A, you can see the status of the valve system, check error messages, start tests, see test results and configure the controller.

The local user interface is fitted with various indication LEDs that display, for example, if the partial stroke test has passed or if it is in progress.

A USB-port gives access to configure the controller with a PC by using the ValConnect software provided by Val Controls.


IDC24-A local user interface

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