The IHP24 range offers the best in performance and user-friendliness, combining these in a very compact enclosure.

To be used for valve positioning and has an integrated microprocessor with very flexible software, so the positioner fits almost any hydraulic rotary, linear, double acting, spring return and stepping actuator on the market. The IHP range offer several advantages:



The IHP24 Basic is an affordable hydraulic positioner which offers:

  • Smart positioner for hydraulic actuators
  • Spring return and double acting actuator control
  • Intelligent valve positioning
  • Automatic intelligent calibration
  • User-friendly menu
  • Flexible and configurable
  • Ultra low power design
  • Configurable by ValConnect software
  • Basic pump controller
  • Potentiometer or 4-20mA loop as position feedback
  • 4x24VDC separate outputs for controlling solenoid valves


The IHP24-AF is the extended version of the IHP24-BF. It offers more features and functionality both in software and hardware.

The IHP24-AF is the most flexible positioner in the range. The standard configuration is designed to be able to handle all tasks a positioner could be used for. Furthermore it is equipped with an extension interface which makes it possible to add extra hardware functionality on customer request.

The IHP24-AF offers a large range of connection possibilities. It offers inputs for several 4-20mA sensors and digital signals which make it possible to configure the positioner to control or monitor other applications connected with the valve like a pump unit


The IHP24-I has been designed to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres. The positioner is designed intrinsically safe and can be used in intrinsically safe systems.

The positioner has an advanced calibration process which in combination with the regulator provides fast and reliably positioning of hydraulic valves. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and set-up.


The IHP24-F has been designed to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres. The positioner is designed around a custom made SS316 flameproof enclosure. This makes the positioner very compact and light compared to other Ex d solutions.



Feature Description


HART, WirelessHART, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus or USB

Position feedback

4-20mA - 2 wire

4-20mA - 4 wire

3-wire potentiometer

Power supply


Configuration options

Basic, Basic flameproof, Advanced & Advanced flameproof.


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How it works

The IHP24 uses Solenoid Operated on/off Valves, SOV, to move the actuator to the requested set point. It has 4 or more outputs to control SOV’s depending on the model. The IHP24 is designed so it can use any solenoid valve on the market. The unit will automatically adapt the regulator to the performance of the complete system, during an automatic calibration. The desired position of the valve is sent to the IHP24 via the 4-20mA control loop or a communication protocol. The actual position is measured by the IHP via a potentiometer or a 4-20mA sensor. The set point and position signal is compared and the actuator is moved to the requested position.


The IHP24 comes as standard with the following control and communication:

- 4-20mA Control loop with HART
- 4-20mA Position feedback

Its is possible to add the following communication buses:

- Foundation Fieldbus
- Modbus


The IHP24 uses a signal from the actuator/cylinder to know where it is.

The IHP24 accepts the following signal types:

- 4-20mA - 2-wire
- 4-20mA - 4-wire
- 3-wire potentiometer


The IHP24 is powered through a 24VDC power supply.

This power supply also feeds the solenoid valves and the sensors.


All our typical designs controls 2 solenoid operated valves, but some of the IHPs can control up to 4 solenoid valves. The positioner is also easily adapted to any already existing control systems or other designs.

Some of the hydraulic examples is shown here.

Custom made options

Tailor made solution for your project

Our models can be customized to meet very high demands in performance and connection possibilities. Every Val Controls unit is flexible and can be configured to almost any customer need and can be easily expanded, e.g. with backup battery or other advanced features.

How we work

By constant optimization and latest know-how...

Based on many years of experience we work closely with every part of the supply chain to ensure that every product meets customer demands.

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