Intelligent Line Breaker by Val Controls

What is an Electronic Line Breaking System?

An Electronic Line Breaking System (P) monitor the pipeline pressure and initiates a failsafe procedure when necessary.

Val Controls ILB24 is an intelligent line break controller based on the latest know-how for advanced pipeline monitoring which automatically checks the pressure in the pipeline.

It is designed to constantly monitor the gas or fluid content in the pipeline. If the pressure of the pipeline is too high or too low, the ILB24 will initiate failsafe procedure and effectively block the content of the pipeline.

The ILB24 controller contains an integrated microprocessor with flexible software and the controller fits almost every hydraulic and pneumatic, linear and rotary, double acting or spring return actuator.



A gas pipeline is passing through a densely populated urban area. It is therefore highly necessary to detect and avoid potential leakages or malfunctions of the pipeline.

The company controlling the gas pipeline are looking for a solution which meets the following criteria:

Minimal spillage in case of a leakage

Shutdown when a malfunction is detected

Live data which shows the status of the pipeline

The gas company chose an Electronic Line Breaking system from Val Controls because it met their demands for the challenge they were facing. With the new Electronic Line Breaking system installed at the valve station they were now able to effectively monitor abnormal pressure levels in the pipeline.

The monitoring is conducted at the valve station and is therefore centralized at one place. In case of a leakage or malfunction of the pipeline the Electronic Line Breaking system will initiate its failsafe system resulting in minimal spillage in case of a malfunction.


The consequences of a gas leakage can be devastating for the local environment. By installing a failsafe system at the pipeline, the leakage will be minimized and further reducing the gas company's overall environmental impact.

By installing a failsafe system for the gas pipeline, the overall public safety is increased, and the risk of a potential explosion is reduced significantly. In case of a leakage the Electronic Line Breaking System will shut down the pipeline swiftly and reduce the spillage.

Reduced operating costs
The need for manual and labor-intensive inspection of the gas pipeline will be reduced. The overall increased safety will reduce the insurance costs for the operating company resulting in overall reduced operating costs.

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